This is an irreverant song I wrote for my buddy, Ed Turner's funeral.  Ed left us on April 7, 2009, but not before he touched all of us with his inspirational strength of character.  He spent 25 years as a quadriplegic and I never saw him down even once!  You are missed, Ed.
I released my first album in 1994 and have never stopped writing and recording.  You can hear some samples below.
As much as we love playing as a big loud rock band, it's also great to pull out a few stools and play our acoustic guitars and congos. This is how we sound when we perform acoustically.
Here's a few songs from my first 4 albums:

After completing my 5th album, "Life's Cafe", in 2010 I wanted to release a "best of" album containing songs from my first 4 albums.  But I also wanted to do a live album that would showcase my new band so that people could hear how we sound when we perform.  So I came up with the genius idea to combine the two.

"This Time" was recorded live in my studio with minimal overdubs and is 
composed of our favorite songs from the first 4 albums.  It features myself and band mates Ronnie Winters (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Schofield (bass guitar) and Gary Bruzzes (drums, backing vocals).  Here are all the tracks on the album:
After a long, fun journey I completed "Life's Cafe" in 2010. It consists of 12 new songs and an acoustic version of one of my older songs, "Dragon's Jaw".  I had some great musicians performing on it, including Ray Herndon (Lyle Lovett. McBride and the Ride, Herndon Brothers Band), Gary Bruzzese (Glen Campbell), Joe Schofield (variety of top local acts), Ron Herndon (Herndon
Brothers Band) and Ronnie Winters (The Scones).   Here are a few of the songs from the album :

Click on song title to play.  Click on icon for lyrics.
"The Mike Russell Band has aced it on their new album, THIS TIME".....          Bob Henschen, New Entertainment News